K435-100 27 Kg

K435-100 27 Kg

K435-100 27 Kg

K435-100 27 Kg

Technical Data

Dimensional tolerances are defined by technical specifications. Possibility of customising the spool.

Original metal spool

Made of coppered steel wire.
Suitable for both high precision layer and random winding.
Options: coppered/painted.

External diameter

435 mm

External width

100 mm

Diameter winding wire

308 mm

Welding wire capacity

27 kg


This spool is made of drawn steel coppered wire with a diameter of 4,00 mm. Its capacity is of 27 kg and can be supplied both drawn and painted. In addition, it is customisable according to client’s needs.
K spools are built for random and high precision layer winding at medium/high speed.
It meets the criteria of UNI EN ISO 544:2018 norm, Table 4. It meets high environmental standards; thanks to the materials and processing methods used it is 100% recyclable, minimising disposal costs.


Option 1 = 300 pcs

A x B x C = 1450 x 1150 x 2080 > 145 kg