New Spool’s new website is online



For us, 2023 has been the year of rebranding.

The corporate video, made by That’s a Video, and the new web site by Larry Agency are finally online.

Let us tell you how it all started.

In recent years, New Spool has grown a lot, especially abroad. Therefore, we wanted to relaunch our brand, to give us a new and unique image compared to our competitors. Objective? Introducing us to the world in an impactful way.

Let’s start from the video

The video is not just a collection of pictures showing our machines or equipment. It’s the telling of our story, our vision, and the mission we want to pursue with our business.

We put our faces to it, we told what we have been doing for years; through interviews we recalled the beginnings of this adventure, that began in a garage in Trentino and now occupies 4,500 square meters. Quite a leap, don’t you think? Once we were just in 3, today we are in 25.

The video shows that behind the world’s highest-performing metal spool there is a close-knit team, our passion, the constant search for new cutting-edge technologies and our will to respect the planet.

Our new website

On the new New Spool website, nothing has been left to chance.

Each page comprehensively presents the features of our spools, and web surfing is smooth. This thanks to the upstream study of User Experience and User Interface.

The use of the color black is strategic. You should know that black, in addition to evoking style and elegance, is a color that gives a nod to energy saving.

Researchers have shown that with screen brightness set at 30%-50%, the energy saved by browsing web pages with a black background is 3% to 9%. This value increases to 47% when the screen brightness is at 100%. In addition, it is interesting to know that many users prefer the black background because it reduces eye strain and makes it easier to use the screen in dark environments.

Chapter “icons”

The icons are fully customized and were designed ad hoc by Larry Agency’s illustrator, including the spool that unwinds the wire when scrolling down. The most observant will not have missed the spool that rotates as pages load.

Beyond these details, which emphasize the uniqueness of the digitization project that is involving the company, New Spool’s new website aims to let the user discover the story, the products and the features of the spools we supply. A large section is devoted to machines, which we design and export to strategic areas of the world.

In short, our new online look aims to represent in total all that we are, and we are excited to share it with you.

Happy navigation from New Spool!