Cutting Machine GT5000

Cutting Machine GT5000

Cutting Machine GT5000

Cutting Machine GT5000


The machine fully automatically produces wire rings for the Spool Assembly Machine. The machine is fed by a wire drum, which is taken off from a decoiler. The wire is straightened by an independent roller device and fed into the cutting unit by a roller feeding device.

The wire is cut into spokes of desired length. The machine is run fully automatically controlled by a PLC system, which is placed in a metal cabinet.

The roller feeding device and the touch-screen gives this machine a really fast, easy and exact change between desired lengths with just one touch.

Technical Data

Feed range


Wire dimensions


Power consumption

1 kW

Total net weight of the machine

420 kg

Air installation

R 1/2″ 7 bar

Overall dimensions

1680 x 910 x 1915 mm (WxDxH)

Electrical requirements

TN-S 400/230 Vac 50/60 Hz 10 A

Outputs (cuts/minute)

99.5 mm – 150 pieces/minute, 117 mm – 140 pieces/minute