BS200 5 Kg

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BS200 5 Kg

Outside diameter:
200 mm
Outside width:
55 mm
Hole diameter:
52 mm
Diameter of the sticks that support the wire:
95 mm
5 Kg
Pro- environmental
Up to 5 kg wire weight
Suitable for layer winding

Bs series

This quality wire spool is made out of copper drawn steel wire, diam. 4,0 mm. It is supplied in that condition or plastic coated. For easy and trouble-free winding and unwinding.
The exact geometry and the tight tolerances bring a unique stability to the spool that allows weight of wire up to 27 kg.
This very precise spool admits high-speed winding which offers improved productivity and better economy by up to 10 %.
This BS spool is especially built for layer winding. With a uniform spool width, the adapter of the spooling machine provides the same precision for all commonly used wire diameters.
The high stability of the spool offers good protection in transportation. The plastic coating has an extremly good adherence and is impact- and wear resistant.
When mounting the spool to the welding machine there will be no adapter needed as the hole diameter of the spool will fit the hub of the feed unit. The exact roundness of the hole together with narrow tolerances provide even and smooth unwinding.
Our spool meets the requirements of SPOOL BS 300 UNI EN ISO 544:2011, table 4.
This spool will meet the present and future demanding enviromental requirements. When melting the spool for recycling no detrimental gases or residues are emitted. The plastic will decompose mainly as steam. In addition the cost for disposal is low.

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